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JP Shipping Services is your Personal Car Shipping Company in the UK and Worldwide.

With our head office based near to the Port of Bristol close to one Europe’s largest vehicle & container terminals, plus two further offices in London, it makes us the ideal choice for private and commercial clients alike, making us one of the UK's largest vehicle exporters.

With a dedicated team of  over 48 staff we have unrivalled experience in shipping all types of moving cargo including cars, motor-homes, trucks, trailers, helicopters and more.

Let JP Shipping services take the stress out of shipping your vehicle. With our comprehensive services we can take care of handling, collection, packing, loading, export paperwork and insurance. We are also one of the few freight companies that offer marine insurance for the safety of your vehicle, boat or yacht.

Services Offered

  • Excavators & plant machinery
  • Cars & motor vehicles
  • Personal effects
  • Motor vehicle spares

Plus many other items!

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