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JP Shipping is an experienced commercial cargo exporter to and from the Caribbean with more than 75 years experience.

  • We are able to collect from anywhere in Europe
  • Most of our destinations are served by direct sailing
  • We have the fastest available transit times
  • We provide a professional and cost effective agency network throughout the Caribbean
  • All shipping documents can be provided electronically
  • Credit is available to pay for shipping (subject to status)
  • We provided complete FCL service to any destination
  • We can collect a variety of items from any location within the UK and ship to your intended Caribbean destination including Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, Grenada, Dominica, St Kitts, St Lucia, Guyana, Monserrat and Antigua, or any other Caribbean Island destination.

    We have offices at each location including Montego Bay, Kingston, Bridgetown, Port of Spain, Point Lisas, St Georges, Roseau, St Johns, Castries, Vieux Fort, Georgetown, Little Bay, Grand Cayman and Antigua.

    So when experience matters, you can trust us to deliver!

    Services Offered

    • Excavators & plant machinery
    • Cars & motor vehicles
    • Personal effects
    • Motor vehicle spares

    Plus many other items!

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