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We have representatives at all of the locations we ship to in the Caribbean:

  Destination  Sailing Frequency  Transit Time 
 Jamaica Flag Kingston, Jamaica continuous 18 days
 Jamaica Flag Montego Bay, Jamaica every 2 weeks 25 days
 Barbados Flag Barbados every 2 weeks 9 days
 Trinidad Flag Trinidad every 2 weeks 14 days
 Dominican Republic Flag Dominica every 2 weeks 12 days
 St Lucia Flag St Lucia every 2 weeks 11 days
 St Vincent Flag St Vincent every 2 weeks 10 days
Grenada every 2 weeks 10 days
 St Kitts St Kitts every 4 weeks 12 days
 Antigua Antigua every 2 weeks 12 days
 Montserrat Flag Montserrat every 2 weeks 20 days
 Cayman Islands Flag Grand Cayman weekly 18 – 25 days
 French Guiana Flag Guyana every 2 weeks 21 days

Click here to download the sailing schedule 


Services Offered

  • Excavators & plant machinery
  • Cars & motor vehicles
  • Personal effects
  • Motor vehicle spares

Plus many other items!

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Cayman Islands Jamaica St Kitts Montserrat Dominica Antigua St Lucia St Vincent Barbados Grenada Trinidad Guyana